eOral口语资源与互动练习平台,为学生提供一个训练口语表达、口语互动的平台。学生课后自主练习,或完成老师发布的口试练习作业, 通过在线语音作答,提高口语表达与口语互动技能,提升口试描述与问答能力,提高口试成绩。

eOral Interactive Practice Portal is specially developed in accordance with Singapore Primary 1 to 6 Chinese Oral practices needs and latest Oral examination requirements. It provides a large number of oral practice resources, including read aloud passages, picture conversation, video clips for video conversation, animation clips, prompts and reference answers, teacher teaching PPT and recordings of reference answers to cater for needs for differentiated and customised oral teaching and practice. eOral helps teachers to solve the problem of insufficient supplementary teaching materials for oral examinations and save on the time spent on sourcing for suitable teaching materials and avoid copyright infringement.

Support all round interactive oral practices, in terms of video conversation, picture conversation and reading aloud.

Teachers may use the video clips and picture conversation resources and customized the questions and prompts according to their students' ability.

Teachers assess students' uploaded audio file, and monitor students' oral learning and practices.

Support students' self-directed learning and school collaboration learning programme