eReading分级阅读电子书与阅读教学管理平台,配合学校华文分级阅读、因材施教教学需要。适用于电脑,iPad / Android平板电脑,或智能手机,随时随地阅读电子书或阅读管理,简易高效。












eReading Levelled eBook is a compilation of Picture eBooks classified and written in according to the Chinese language skills, science, and social studies standards. eReading is compatible with Win/Mac, iPad and Android.

eReading ebooks are divided into A-F levels. One level for each grade, 50 e-books per level, total 6 levels with 300 eBooks.

Lower Level stories help reader to recall and recognizing from the passage.

Medium Level stories focus on stimulating reader's comprehension and application skills.

Higher Level stories enhance reader's analysis and evaluation.

eReading eBooks are crafted into beautiful picture books to enhance students' reading interest and concentration, helps students become better and more confident readers in Chinese.

eReading eBook story is accompanied by standard audio reading and dubbing to assist reading; with option to display or hide the "Hanyu Pinyin" to help students to read effectively.

Students read the eBook assigned by the teacher, answer the eBook post-read activity comprehension questions, or complete other reading activities required by teacher.

eReading Teaching Management Platform

Through the eReading management platform, teachers can easily and conveniently assign different ebooks according to different classes, different students' language proficiency, and reading ability, and set relevant reading requirements.

Students read the ebooks assigned by the teacher online, and complete the post-read activities, or complete the relevant post-read activities as required by the teacher.

Teachers use the reading management platform to view reading statistics online to monitor the completion of students' post-read activities.